Mettler Toledo Safeline X33 X-Ray Inspection systems use a single vertical x-ray beam and utilises new high sensitivity detector technology allowing the integration of a low power (20W) x-ray generator. With an improved user experience, sustainability credentials and highlyfunctional design, the X33 series is the most advanced development in inspection capability for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Mettler Toledo Safeline X33 X-Ray Inspection provides the tools to assist with industry standard compliance like HACCP and is ideally suited to the inspection of small and medium sized packaged products. The X33 series x-ray systems deliver outstanding contamination detection of foreign bodies like glass, metal, mineral stone, calcified bone and high density plastics, even for products wrapped in aluminium foil or metallised film. The X33 series x-ray systems offer not only foreign body detection but is also able to perform gross mass measurement for calculated portion control, ensuring product integrity. This combined model protects profitability and ensures product safety and quality simultaneously.

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