The Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways is a purpose-built platform to perform essential networking security functions. Optimized for maximum performance and feature integration, the SRX Series is designed on top of the robust networking and security real-time operating system, the Juniper Networks Junos operating system. Unlike general-purpose operating systems, the Junos operating system is not plagued by inefficiencies and vulnerabilities as it has been designed from the ground up to provide superior networking and security capabilities.


The SRX Series provides integrated security and LAN/WAN routing across high-density LAN/WAN interfaces, Juniper Networks integrated security services gateways address the needs of small to medium sized locations, large distributed enterprises, and service providers as well as large and co-located datacenters. These services gateways protect the network from all type of attacks and malware while simultaneously facilitating secure business-to-business communications. With cloud computing and virtualization adoption on the rise, the evolution of the data center brings a new set of challenges to IT professionals. While the need for physical
network security will continue to exist in data centers, organizations will continue to adopt cloud computing in phases, resulting in hybrid environments—essentially, a mix of physical and virtualized data center workloads. This data center model will result in some workloads like those on physical servers being secured by physical firewalls, while others, such as those running on virtual machines (VMs), being at risk, because traditional security methods provide zero visibility into VM traffic. To address this concern, Juniper Networks has integrated Juniper Networks Firefly Host with the Junos OS-based SRX Series platform to extend the protections of the SRX Series products into virtualized environments.

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Firewall Throughput 850 Mbps
Concurrent Sessions 64K
IPSec VPN Throughput 85 Mbps
IPS Throughput 65 Mbps
Antivirus Yes
Recommended SSL VPN Users None
Interfaces 6 x 10/100 BASE-T + 2 x 10/100/1000 BASE-T
Warranty 1 year warranty from Juniper Indonesia

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