Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall analyzes all user access to your business-critical web applications and protects your applications and their data from attacks. SecureSphere Web Application Firewall dynamically learns your applications’ “normal” behavior and correlates this with the industry’s leading threat intelligence for web applications to deliver superior protection. SecureSphere Web Application Firewall identifies and acts upon dangers maliciously woven into innocent-looking website traffic; traffic that slips right through traditional defenses. This includes application vulnerability attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and remote file inclusion; business logic attacks such as site scraping and comment spam; and fraudulent activity like account takeover attacks.

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Troughput 500Mbps
Interface 4x1G Copper + 2 optional module with 4x1G Copper OR 4x1G OR 2x10G SR/LR
Max Network Segment 4 Bridge, 9 Proxy, Non-inline
Inline Fail Open 4 bypass segments
Deployment Mode Transparent Bridge (Layer 2), Reverse Proxy and Transparent Proxy (Layer 7) & Non-inline sniffer
High Availability IMPVHA (Active/Active, Active/Passive), Fail open interfaces (bridge mode only), VRRP & STP and RSTP
Appliance Type X2510
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from Imperva Indonesia

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