Dell SD-WAN Edge 620 Solution powered by VMware combines next generation networking appliances from Dell Technologies with leading SD-WAN software from VMware. The Dell SD-WAN Edge 620 series is designed in a fixed form factor, with optional rack mount kit, using Intel Atom C-3000 x86-based processor which is optimized for value, lower power consumption and multiple core options. The Dell SD-WAN Edge 620 is well suited for branch office and home locations, and complements the SD-WAN Edge 3000 series for core and data center use cases. Dell SD-WAN Edge 620 Solution powered by VMware enables turnkey modernization by combining Dell Technologies Edge networking appliances with VMware SD-WAN software in one solution. Our product team is proud to bring you the Dell SD-WAN Edge 610, designed exclusively to meet and exceed the demands for high-performance virtualized networking. Dell SD-WAN Edge 620 is designed with the value and performance, to host SD-WAN. We’ve partnered with Intel using the Atom C-3000 network optimized low power processor; and VMware SD-WAN provide a comprehensive solution

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Recommended # of users 750 Mbps Max Recommend Subscription
Performance 1.5Gbps Mbps Max throughput
Interfaces 6x 1G RJ45 + 2x 10G SFP+
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from Dell Indonesia

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