Gunnebo SpeedStile FLs is ensuring the safety of your staff and visitors to your building doesn’t need to restrict their freedom of movement. Gunnebo SpeedStile FLs forms a seamless and fluid barrier that enables a fast and steady flow of people through your entrance, without compromising your security. Gunnebo SpeedStile FLs unique detection system, accurately tracks the passage of a single authorised user and effectively prevents fraudulent or unauthorised entry by a second party. The ergonomic design of the Gunnebo SpeedStile FLs provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience that maintains the flow of people due to numerous smart features.

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Dimension Standard 600mm, Wide 900mm. Combi–centre cabinet with combination of 600mm passageway and 900mm passageway
Features 40 Passages per minute
Material 304 grade stainless steel
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from Gunnebo Indonesia

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