Kumahira LIG Swing Barrier Gate concept of the design is “Compact” and “Simple”. Kumahira LIG Swing Barrier Gate fits anywhere and harmonizes with the space unaffectedly. The exterior of whole of stainless steel is performing a smart form and being full of high-quality. Considering the passage of children and wheelchairs, the safety is compatible with ease of use. Kumahira realized the security gate that anyone can use easily anywhere. With optional lower sensors and urethane flap-panels, children can also pass Kumahira LIG Swing Barrier Gate safely. Also, the access indication is equipped LED lights which is visible to the people of partial color blindness. The exterior of glossy and beautiful hairline stainless steel finish is smart, elegant and sophisticated. Each side of the Kumahira LIG Swing Barrier Gate body is flat and it fits any floor and building. With acrylic flap-panels, an open area is born and an exaggeration is not given.

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