Kumahira LAG Outdoor Swing Barrier Gate provides high security for both outdoor and indoor spaces. High-flap-panel prevents an unauthorized user from jumping over and the resistance against forced-open is much stronger than that of other our security gate. Kumahira LAG Outdoor Swing Barrier Gate simple and sturdy design is harmonized with various spaces and create comfortable spaces. The short body length of Kumahira LAG Outdoor Swing Barrier Gate is 1300 mm makes it possible to install in a small space. Kumahira LAG Outdoor Swing Barrier Gate has waterproof and dustproof performance equivalent to Ingress Protection Code IP55 can be installed outside. IP rating is the degree of protection against intrusion of solid objects or materials, water and dust. Kumahira LAG Outdoor Swing Barrier Gate body design is compact, but the flap-panels are tall and no one cannot go over the 1,600 mm high flaps. Aluminum flaps are light-weight, and superior in safety and weatherresistance.

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