Kumahira UG Swing Barrier Gate is simple and stylish gate. Kumahira UG Swing Barrier Gate is much suitable for refined space like a open entrance hall of building which is based on glass decorating design. It means “not emphasize”, “inconspicuous” and “simple”. Kumahira UG Swing Barrier Gate is designed by condensing proper functions and omitting extradecoration. In the end “beauty” came into existence. Kumahira UG Swing Barrier Gate which pursue “non-decorating” dresses well your entrance. Basic concept is that “shape”, “material” and “color” are minimum. The design based on glasses and metals is straight line and spacesaving type. Kumahira UG Swing Barrier Gate does not disturb space expression. Speedy and quiet motion of opening/ closing are realized by a strong motor. This strong motor is designed for big gates. Accessible in both directions. 25 people are accessible per 1 minute (automatic door mode : max 50). Kumahira UG Swing Barrier Gate is available for large office building too.

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