Avaya provides High Definition (HD) video conferencing room systems that incorporate the latest state-of-theart video technology with capabilities mandatory for today’s room system deployments. Avaya HC010 are the Avaya flexible solution for a wide range of scenarios, including personal and home use, but also huddle rooms for small groups. Huddle Cameras can be used with your laptop (PC or Mac), or with your CU360 or XT unit. When used with the laptop, the cameras can be controlled with their own remote (HC020 and HC050), or with a free software available on the support website (all models). When connected to CU360 and XT Room System user can enjoy full control through the codec Remote Control, Collaboration Control, Web Interface, and APIs. The huddle cameras deliver an exceptional experience for training, brainstorming, team and customer meetings with a personal connection. The ease of installation and use make them ideal for personal use, individual workgroups, small to mid-size businesses, or complementing an enterprise collaboration deployment.

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Video Conferencing
Max Video Resolution 1080p 30fps
Included Display N/A
Built in Speaker N/A
Network Interface N/A - USB Camera
Warranty 1 year warranty from Avaya Indonesia

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