Enterprises are migrating business-critical functions to web applications in an effort to increase productivity, improve business agility and reduce costs. While the migration to web applications provides economic advantages and enables increased business agility, it also creates new security risks and compliance requirements that need to be addressed. The complexity of attacks and the speed in which new mitigation tools and techniques are being bypassed require a more robust and comprehensive solution that provides faster protection and reduced maintenance costs. By targeting the application layer, attackers exhaust server and application resources using stealth attack techniques that go undetected by traditional security tools. It is no longer just about http floods and downtime. Advanced methods and the use of multiple vectors during attacks present new challenges in securing an organization. Radware AppWall OnDemand Switch is the only web application firewall that provides complete web application security. It blocks attacks at the perimeter and ensures fast, reliable and secure delivery of mission-critical web applications. It is the best performing application security solution for web security, mitigation and compliance. When Radware AppWall OnDemand Switch is deployed as part of Alteon NG, the solution provides a comprehensive set of availability, acceleration, and security services designed to ensure fast, reliable, and secure delivery of mission-critical web applications. Resources of Radware AppWall OnDemand Switch instances can be dynamically allocated according to enterprise needs and deliver fault isolation, SLA assurance and high platform density. The solution supports both out-of-path and inline deployment modes and can be delivered on a variety of platforms that support up to 80Gbps.

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Troughput 2 Gbps
Interface 6x 1G Copper + 2x 1G SFP
Deployment Mode Bridge, Reverse proxy – transparent and non-transparent, Cluster deployment
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from Radware Indonesia

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