Spam is a complex problem that demands a sophisticated solution. Cisco makes it easy.Cisco ESA C195 blocks unwanted emails using a multilayered scanning architecture delivering the highest spam catch rate of greater than 99 percent, with a false-positive rate of a less than a one in one million. The antispam functionality in Cisco ESA C195 uses the Cisco Context Adaptive Scanning Engine (CASE). This engine examines the complete context of a message, including what content the message contains, how the message is constructed, who is sending the message, and where the call to action of the message takes you. By combining these elements, Cisco ESA C195 stops the broadest range of threats with industry-leading accuracy. CDP for external email helps prevent phishing emails from being sent using a customer domain(s). It automates the process of implementing the DMARC email authentication standard to better protect employees, customers, and suppliers from phishing attacks using a customer domain(s). This protects the customers’ brand identity as well as increases email marketing effectiveness by reducing phishing messages from reaching inboxes.

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Anti Spam
Active Email User Small to midsize businesses or branch offices
Message Log Storage 1.2 TB (600 x 2)
Quarantine Storage 1.2 TB (600 x 2)
Network Interface 2x 1GBASE-T
Redundant Power Supply Yes, accessory option
Outbound Email Filtering Yes
Email Encryption Yes
Warranty 1 year warranty from Cisco Indonesia

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