The Lenel LNL-X3300 Controller Intelligent System Controller (ISC) is designed for advanced access control applications. As the access control engine for the OnGuard® system, the ISC provides power and functionality. The ISC can communicate to the host computer in a single- or dual-path Ethernet configuration. Multiple combinations of Input Control Modules, Output Control Modules and Card Reader Interface Modules (up to 64 devices) can be configured. Utilizing its native Ethernet communications and an advanced 32-bit processor, the Lenel LNL-X3300 Controller can communicate upstream to the host computer through its primary Ethernet port, with throughput up to 8 times greater than the fastest serial connections. Additionally, the LNL-X3300 offers an optional secondary communications option, through a USB to Ethernet connection. The Lenel LNL-X3300 Controller can store up to 500,000 cardholders in nonvolatile flash memory, and supports selective download for larger cardholder databases. The two downstream RS-485 2-wire ports can be used to connect up to 64 devices (64 doors) in many combinations of LNL-1100, LNL-1200, LNL1300, and LNL-1320 as well as to older devices like the LNL500B and LNL-500W modules.

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Smart Card Reader
Wiegand Standard Master Controller
Warranty 1 year warranty from Lenel Indonesia

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