he Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion HPT is a high-precision network tapping, aggregation, and monitoring solution, optimized for high-performance, low-latency networks. The device incorporates our world-leading HPT1 time-stamping technology, for industry-leading 70-picosecond (70ps) timestamps that are embedded in every packet. This makes the Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion HPT the highest-precision network aggregation and monitoring solution available on the market. The device also offers high-quality time synchronization to pulse-per-second (PPS), GPS, and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) sources, ensuring that every packet is globally synchronized as well as precisely timestamped. Correlated micro-bursts are a fact of life, especially in high-performance networks. Yet regulatory environments require that every packet be captured. The Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion HPT has a deep packet buffer hierarchy to ensure that packets are captured, time stamped, and transferred to long-term storage, even under extreme correlated micro-burst scenarios. It offers 32kB per-port buffers, 64kB per-quad-port buffers, and 32GB of global packet buffering. This multilayer architecture makes the Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion HPT the most reliable tap aggregation system available.

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Manageable Yes
Switching Capacity 5ns Latency
Interface Type 3x 16 SFP+ line cards, up to 48 ports or 3x 4QSFP line cards, up to 12 ports
Warranty 1 Year Warranty from Cisco Indonesia

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