The secret of the resistance of NVC Raised Floor is its HPB (High Pressure Block) technology. This pressure process consists in subjecting the board’s core, made of cellulose fibers impregnated with thermos setting phenolic resins, to a 1.000 TN/m² at 150ºC temperature. The result is an ultra-compact block, totally resistant to water, impact, fire, pressure and wear resistance. In fact, it maintains its original appearance even in extreme situations, in areas where the rest of laminate floors in the market can not be used with guarantees. he strictest tests ensure that NVC Raised Floor products are the most resistant in the market. This strength not only makes them the best partners for high traffic areas and spaces exposed to an extensive use, but also for wet areas and, of course, for domestic use. NVC Raised Floor are always waterproof. HPB technology guarantees its maximum dimensional stability. preventing swelling and deformation due to the continued exposure to moisture and even leaks.

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