SecureCheck SG600T Parking Barrier series modern gray concept effectively increase premium prestigious impression of guard house entrance at any high end lifestyle residential or premium commercial building. Impress your guest when they visit you at your luxury home or designer building. SecureCheck SG600T Parking Barrier does not use mechanical limit switch. Limit switch require constant maintenance due to mechanical wear and tear. Failed limit switches can cause motor to overload and cause safety hazard. SG600T electronic based positioning system is maintenance free and give you peace of mind. DDS uses dual sensor achieve double safety. Innovative design monitors current spike and motor rotation simultaneously to auto-reverse arm if blocked by obstacle. This is a important safety feature to prevent further damage in the event when arm hit car or pedestrian.

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Dimension Up to 6m straight
Features 1.8 sec Opening / Closing Time
Material Powder Coated Steel
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from SecureCheck Indonesia

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