Sangfor MIG (Multi-functional Integration Gateway ) is designed for mini-oces or stores in multiple branch enterprises, By integrating routing, SD-WAN and security features into a desktop device, Sangfor MIG provides easy deployment, high availability, business trac priority and centralized operation and management values at a highly competitive cost. Traditional networks require an onsite IT engineer at every site. Sangfor MIG provides email deployment and auto-VPN features to simplify deployment for mini-offices, who often have no on-site engineering capabilities, making it possible for any branch employee to successfully deploy, thus reducing deployment costs and cycle. Customers find it difficult to satisfy connectivity requirements in branch networks where business critical traffic priority is important to enabling increased productivity. Sangfor MIG supports link quality detection based on QoE, dynamically chooses the best link for core business traffic, performs automatic fail-over to improve business availability and provides bandwidth management to maximize bandwidth value.

About Amarta Store
We are the bigest online IT Equipment distributor in Asia. Headquarter in Jakarta - Indonesia, we are providing our customer with worldwide shipping coverage. So, wherever your location is, we are ready to support your needs with the best price.
WAN Optimization
Optimized WAN Capacity 100 Mbps Total Throughput + WIFI
QoS Bandwidth 80 Mbps BM Throughput
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from Sangfor Indonesia

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