AC-B32 is part of Rosslare’s series of indoor standalone controllers, ideal for residential and commercial access applications. It is an industry favorite for those looking for a basic access controller that simply gets the job done, yet utilizes both proximity cards and/or PIN codes. The AC-B32 is easy to program and easy to use. This Proximity & PIN standalone controller is packed with features such as multiple user levels and operation modes, programmable siren and lock strike release times, code search, and back and case tamper protection. Whether you run a business or own a home, managing time and budget are important to your success. Rosslare’s AC-B32 is both time and cost efficient, with all modes of security controlled by one attractive standalone device. The AC-B32 can be configured in various combinations for optimum usability in all applications. A locally programmed Code Search feature simplifies the maintenance of user codes. The unit, which is US Gang box mount compatible, contains two tri-colored LEDs, a built-in proximity reader, a keypad for PIN code entry, and an internal buzzer to notify the user when a key is pressed. For added peace of mind, the unit offers three user levels (Normal, Secure, and Master) and three modes of operation (Normal, Bypass, and Secure).

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Smart Card Reader
Card Compatibility All 26-Bit EM cards
Environmental Indoor use
Keypad Available
Enrollment Supports up to 500 users
Fingerprint sensor type N/A
Display N/A
Wiegand Standard N/A
Warranty 1 year warranty from Rosslare Indonesia

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