FireEye Email Security helps organizations minimize the risk of costly breaches caused by advanced email attacks. Deployed on premises, FireEye Email Security – Server Edition leads the industry in identifying, isolating and immediately stopping URL and attachment-based attacks, before they enter an organization’s environment. Email Security combines intelligence-led context and detection plug-ins to unearth malicious and benign phishing URLs on a big data, scalable platform. The signatureless Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine analyzes email attachments and URLs linked to downloadable content against a comprehensive cross-matrix of operating systems, applications and web browsers. Threats are identified with minimal noise, and false positives are nearly nonexistent. FireEye collects extensive threat intelligence on adversaries through firsthand breach investigations and millions of sensors. Email Security draws on both concrete evidence and contextual intelligence about attacks and attackers to prioritize alerts and block threats in real time. By integrating with FireEye Network Security and Endpoint Security organizations can get broader visibility into multivector blended attacks and coordinate real-time protection.

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Anti Spam
Active Email User Up to 1,800 unique attachments per hour
Message Log Storage 4x 2TB, RAID 10
Quarantine Storage 4x 2TB, RAID 10
Network Interface 2x 1GE
Redundant Power Supply Yes
Warranty 1 year warranty from FireEye Indonesia

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