Ruijie RG-WS6024 Wireless Controller tops the class by offering all-in-one wired and wireless control, and PoE power support. The RG-WS6024 is ideal acting as the wireless core for general education, small and medium business networks, and enterprise branches. The versatile wireless controller supports wired Gigabit Ethernet access, 10G fiber uplink, and PoE/PoE+ power supply. The RG-WS6024 offers management of up to 24 APs and is scalable to up to 128 APs with license upgrade. The Wireless Controller supports centralized wireless control and management with ease, delivering remarkable transparency and visibility. Teaming up with Ruijie’s leading management platform Smart Network Commander (RG-SNC) and access point series, the RG-WS6024 can flexibly manage AP configuration and optimize radio frequency (RF) coverage to enhance wireless performance and minimize deployment workload at the same time. The RG-WS6024 enables a vast library of authentication modes including WEB and 802.1X. Gearing up with an internal portal server and local authentication database, the Wireless Controller offers easy control of secure wireless access. It does not only simplify the overall network architecture, but also significantly lowers the implementation costs. The RG-WS6024 Wireless Controller fully satisfies secure access requirements of small to medium-scaled wireless network deployment.

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Wireless Controller
Managed APs Up to 128 (24 Default Number of Manageable APs)
Captive Portal Supported
Redundancy Multi wireless controller clustering (N+N)
AP Provisioning Layer 2/Layer 3 discovery
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from Ruijie Indonesia

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