DormaKaba digital cylinder in Euro profle is a digital locking cylinder, with which the lock can be opened manually after identifcation by an authorised medium. Access authorisation is given both optically and acoustically. The digital cylinder is ftted with a reader antenna on the turning knob, either on the external knob or on the external and internal knob, depending on type. The securityrelevant electronics are installed behind the anti-drill protection in the rotor. The digital cylinder can be installed on almost all types of door made from wood, glass or metal, with a Euro profle cutout. Without additional weather protection, thedigital cylinder may only be used in weather-proofed outdoor areas. It is suitable for installation on fre protection doors in accordance with EN 1634. The use of a digital cylinder must be checked carefully before using it in locks with a panic function. Note: The use of the digital cylinders in emergency exit latches in accordance with EN 179 or in panic door latches in accordance with EN 1125 is documented in the lock manufacturers' EC conformity certifcates. The cam rotates freely on digital cylinder types 1434, 1435 and 1439. These types fulfl the PIV guidelines for profle cylinders with free-wheel function for gear locks in latches (FZG). All types are available in a 'protected' version for areas where security is a factor. This version has high anti-drill protection and a VdS certifcate. Note: For VdS-compliant master key systems, the positions of the digital cylinders in the 'protected' version must be noted in the key plan.

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