The Kaba wireless gateway 90 42 networks the wireless Kaba door components with the access system. It transfers new access authorizations to the doors wirelessly. The data is secured using the latest in encryption technology. Wireless door components are therefore seamlessly integrated into the access system. The simple installation process enables you to integrate the Kaba wireless gateway 90 42 into the platform-based, internetbased Kaba access system. You can expand existing access solutions or install new ones quickly, securely and cost-effectively. Access authorization can be issued or withdrawn within seconds from the comfort of your desk. On-site programming is no longer necessary. Notifications of status information such as ‘Door opened’ or ‘Battery low’ are sent immediately by the gateway to your administrator. The Kaba wireless gateway 90 42 is suitable for small and mediumsized companies. It can be used where electronic access components are required, where changes need to be made quickly or where there are specific door monitoring requirements and cabling is not possible due to access restrictions.

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Smart Card Reader
Wiegand Standard Supports up to 16 access components and up to 8 wireless extenders 90 41
Warranty 1 year warranty from Dormakaba Indonesia

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