Wireless service providers and enterprises around the globe are challenged to deliver reliable connectivity in overcrowded RF environment. As spectrum increasingly becomes a scarce commodity, fi nding the right broadband connectivity solution is vital for all low and high density types of deployments. Cambium Networks resolves this challenge with a breakthrough technology solution that delivers superior performance, resiliency and reach in the most congested environments. Combining the latest 802.11AC Wave 2 chipset and the fi eld proven TDD MAC of ePMP, the Force 300-25 off ers a compelling yet aff ordable point to point product and a future high gain subscriber module for the ePMP3000 Access Point. Force 300-25 continues the tradition of previous products with an integrated 25dBi dish with a narrow beamwidth and reliable mechanics. Supporting peak throughput greater than 500Mbps, the Force300-25 also supports an always on spectrum analyzer and local WiFi management to take advantage of mobile installation applications.

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Wireless Backhaul
Frequency Range Wide Band Operation 4910 - 5970 MHz
Channel Width 20, 40, and 80 MHz channels
Ethernet Interface 1x Gigabit Ethernet
Max Aggregate Troughput up to 500 Mbps aggregate throughput
Latency 3-5 milliseconds one direction
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from Cambium Indonesia

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