The Panasonic KX-NCP systems are designed to be modular, extendable and flexible in both technology and the business application solutions it provides. Convergence ready, the system can even leverage existing investments in digital extensions and ISDN trunks. It is designed with network based communication applications that, when enabled, provide quick return on investment and peace of mind. Future-proof design and open standards based architecture means that customers can be assured that their investments are protected now and well into the future. The KX-NCP system is extremely cost effective. As an example, Mobile integration can help businesses manage their business hours and employee availability using "one number" to reach employees who remain mobile, while still be aware of mobile employees availability and presence. The reliability of the KX-NCP system is assured by rigorous quality control and testing before the system leaves the factory, guaranteeing you piece of mind. The KX-NCP system is also designed for quick and easy maintenance to help keep any potential downtime to an absolute minimum.

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IP Enabled Yes
Chassis Type Modular
Redundant CPU N/A
Included Card N/A
Auto Attendant Yes
Hospitality Features Not included
Billing System Not included
Analog User 28 analog user (max) - 68 user (combination)
IP/SIP User 40 IP user (max) - 68 user (combination)
Digital User 24 digital user (max) - 68 user (combination)
Analog Trunk 64 trunk (combination analog & digital)
Digital Trunk 64 trunk (combination analog & digital)
IP Trunk Yes, max 8 channel
Warranty 1 year from Panasonic Indonesia

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