Sangfor Hyper-Converged Infrastructure consolidates traditional hardware-appliance-based security, IP network, storage network, server and storage into one tier of commodity hardware (x86 server). The foundation of all these are Server Virtualization (aSV), Storage Virtualization (aSAN) and Network Virtualization (aNET), on top of that we have NFV (Network Function Virtualization) integration including all our network applications such as NGAF/IAM/WANO. Think about the workload of running and maintaining various units in a legacy data center; think about the increased investment in data center as business grows; think about the amount of time left for IT to innovate; think about how the legacy data center is going to deal with data explosion and the trend of digitalization. Sangfor HCI can reduce TCO by 70% or more by eliminating IT silos, over-provisioning, and simplifying data center operations. Due to budget constraints, SMEs sometimes are reluctant to upgrade their IT. Also, they don’t think it’s worth stopping IT production just for upgrade. The consequence of that kind of mindset is outdated technology, which then leads to frustrated employees with limited IT functionality or even worse, disastrous system breakdown. However, with Sangfor HCI, SMEs can now enjoy continuous technology refresh and implementation of new systems via this on-premise solution that enables cloud-like elasticity, agility and economics with superior performance, reliability and availability.

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Server Type 2U Rack Server
Processors 2x E5-2680v4 (14C28T, 2.4GHZ)
Memory 128GB ECC DDR4
Hard drives 12x SATA/SAS/SSD
Optical drive N/A
Hard disk options 1x 128GB SSD for OS (integrated inside), data disk optional (SSD, SAS, SATA)
Warranty 1 Year Warranty from Sangfor Indonesia

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