The only all-in-one Unified Communications solution for SMBs, OpenScape Business has been designed from the ground up to be easy to deploy, manage and use. With UC functionality available out of the box, getting started requires limited in-house IT expertise, and optimized management interfaces assure efficient administration and maintenance. OpenScape Business can be deployed on top of existing network infrastructures - on premise (bundled software and hardware), as pure software or software that runs in a virtualized environment - so set up is low cost and low risk. It’s easy to scale to meet the demand of growing businesses. There’s no need to rip and replace your existing technology when migrating from voice to UC, with upgrades offered through UC Booster cards for up to 150 users, and a UC Booster Server for up to 500 users. Plus, OpenScape Business supports multisite and multiple platforms as if they were one system – ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership for geographically dispersed businesses. Deploying UC across small and mediumsized businesses business will accelerate team performance and productivity, increase engagement with customers to increase loyalty, and dramatically reduce communications costs. Accessible from any device, in any location, and at any time, OpenScape Business delivers the all-in-one path to true Unified Communications on existing networks. It comes fully packaged, is easy to deploy and support, with flexible licensing options and will grow with the business. And there’s no need to rip and replace existing infrastructure because it works on top, seamlessly and efficiently.

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IP Enabled Yes, IP SIP-based
Redundant CPU No
Auto Attendant Yes
Hospitality Features Not included
Billing System Not included
IP/SIP User Up to 500 user
IP Trunk Yes, 60 SIP trunk (maximum)
Warranty 1 year from Unify Indonesia

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