The OpenScape Enterprise Express all-in-one solution combines voice, Unified Communication and Collaboration as well as Mobility into one streamlined package for mid-size enterprise customers. OpenScape Enterprise Express offers a pre-integrated enterprise-class UC solution that reduces complexity and cost. By pre-integrating Unify's best-in-breed applications, OpenScape Enterprise Express can be installed faster, more economically, and with fewer burdens to your IT department. With a pre-packaged suite of select OpenScape voice and UCC applications, OpenScape Enterprise Express is designed for the challenges of today's mobile and dynamic workforce. Virtual teams require the right solution that helps drive productivity, creating business value and contributing to the overall health of the enterprise. OpenScape Enterprise Express is designed for a fast and easy installation. And it is data center ready. Using virtualization technology, the core applications of OpenScape Enterprise Express will run on a single fault tolerant, commercially available server or can be deployed into an existing virtualized enviroment. OpenScape UC offers a sophisticated set of Unified Communication capabilities enhancing the way virtual teams collaborate. The desktop and web client have been completely redesigned to offer a more intuitive and visual experience. OpenScape UC enables seamless and intuitive communication for both office and mobile workers boosting productivity throughout the entire company with such capabilities asnt.

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IP Enabled Yes, IP SIP-based
Redundant CPU Yes, active-active voice redundancy
Auto Attendant Yes
Hospitality Features Not included
Billing System Not included
IP/SIP User 200 to 5,000 user
IP Trunk Yes
Warranty 1 year from Unify Indonesia

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