LPRS1000 adopts a set of independent research and development of top-class license plate recognition algorithm, and combining with years of experience in industry application. No need to stop, and no need to swipe card. Quick access to the parking lot of the automatic license plate recognition mode, provides users with more intelligent, more convenient, more perfect experience. LPR technology is an application of computer video image recognition technology in license plate identification area. Its operation starts when the vehicle is located at the entrance of the parking lot, the LPR Camera will scan on the license plate character, and its recognition technology will identify the license plate number, color and other information. If the number on the license plate is valid, the car park barrier will lift for access, otherwise, no access will be allowed. Dual number plate authentication is a Multi-factor authentication to use of several authentication techniques together. Once the vehicle is located at the entrance of the carpark lot, both of the UHF reader and LPR Camera will start to recognise the UHF Tag and the number plate on the vehicle. If the verification of the number plate and the UHF tag is valid, the car park barrier will lift for access, otherwise no access will be allowed.

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Dimension 340x220x1600 mm
Features Automatic License Plate Recognition, Real-Time Display Information, Voice Broadcast , Customizable Charging Rules, Export Various Financial Statements, Blacklist And Whitelist Function, Fill Light ,Automatic Control Parking Barrier
Material -20°C - +55°C Operating Temperature
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from ZKTeco Indonesia

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