ZKTeco LH1000 Hotel Lock With advanced 13.56mhz Mifare-1 card technology American standard mortise Stainless steel housing with the color of golden and silver. ZKBioSecurity Hotel Management System is specially designed to meet the needs of small-medium hotels, maximum security, individual style and low operation costs. It is allowing for comprehensive access control and system management, but offers you an easy “one-click” installation. Once the hotel lock is connected to the elevator and access control module, the ZKTeco elevator control will allow different user to access doors, it can be assigned with different rights, and unauthorized users are not allowed to access those important doors. In the actual implementation, users have to present card on the elevator, and the elevator will allow user to reach to the assigned level. This will enable the security management of the whole building elevator access control using the elevator controller installed on each elevator car. Hotel Module has an intuitive design which is easy to understand without explanation. It combines RFID lock technology with the freedom to choose the door access right for the guest. Just simply click in the room no. that people would like to stay on the ZKBiosucurity, Hotel guests will gain access to the assigned rooms with the card within the corresponding date and time.

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Smart Card Reader
Wiegand Standard Standalone electronic lock with 13.56mhz Mifare-1 card technology
Warranty 1 year warranty from ZKTeco Indonesia

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