The Cisco Business Edition 4000 (BE4000) is an easy-to-use, cloud-managed communications system based on proven IP telephony and voicemail technology. It is ideal for small to midsize businesses and supports up to 200 phones. The BE4000 can help reduce your communications costs and is easy to set up and manage. The BE4000 is a completely cloud-managed IP phone system. The cloud management portal features simple and intuitive management capabilities that make the BE4000 quick to deploy and simple to manage and use. New users and phones can be added in minutes. You can manage all your office locations from anywhere, and end users can easily customize their own phone and voicemail settings.

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IP Enabled Yes
Chassis Type BE4000 appliance
Redundant CPU Not included
Included Card None
Auto Attendant Yes
Hospitality Features Not included
Billing System Not included
Analog User Analog phones, fax machines, etc. supported via NIM FXS ports (Up to 200 devices supported on a single BE4000 appliance)
IP/SIP User Up to 200 devices supported on a single BE4000 appliance
Digital User N/A
Analog Trunk Gateway not included
Digital Trunk Gateway not included
IP Trunk Yes
Warranty 1 year from Cisco Indonesia

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