Palo Alto PA-3200 Series provides dedicated, programmable hardware resources for networking, security, signature matching and management functions, ensuring predictable performance. The appliances deliver high decryption throughput and SSL session capacity so you can secure encrypted traffic without slowing down your business, simplify your deployments, and uncover and stop hidden threats without compromising privacy. PA-3200 Series appliances identify any application, regardless of port, encryption (SSL or SSH) or evasive technique employed, and use the application – not the port – as the basis for all your safe enablement policy decisions: allow, deny, schedule, inspect and apply traffic-shaping. They also categorize unidentified applications for policy control, threat forensics or custom App-ID™ technology development. With the PA-3200 Series next-generation firewalls, you can deploy consistent policies to local and remote users running on Windows®, macOS®, Linux, Android® or Apple® iOS platforms. You can choose from a multitude of ways to identify users, including GlobalProtect™ network security for endpoints, captive portal, AAA servers, Microsoft® Active Directory®, Terminal Services, LDAP and Novell® eDirectory™, as well as other sources you can add using XML API. PA-3200 Series appliances block a range of threats, including exploits, malware and spyware, across all ports, regardless of threat-evasion tactics employed. They limit the unauthorized transfer of files and sensitive data to safely enable web and application access. They also identify unknown malware, analyze it based on malicious behaviors, and then automatically create and deliver protection.

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Firewall Throughput 8.8 Gbps
Concurrent Sessions 3M
IPSec VPN Throughput 4.8 Gbps
IPS Throughput 4.7 Gbps
Antivirus Yes
Interfaces 12x 10/100/1000 + 8x 1G/10G SFP/SFP+ + 4x 40G QSFP+
Warranty 1 year warranty from Palo Alto Indonesia

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