The past several decades in networking have been defined by static, closed networking solutions designed for the clientserver era. Aruba is introducing the Aruba 8320 campus core and aggregation switch series, a game-changing solution offering a flexible and innovative approach to dealing with the demands of the mobile, cloud and IoT era. The 8320 switch series provides industry-leading line rate 1/10GbE (SFP/SFP+ and 10GBASE-T) and 40GbE connectivity in a compact 1U form factor. Together with the modular Aruba 8400 chassis, the 8320 rounds out Aruba’s Mobile First switching portfolio with an enterprise core and aggregation solution that ensures higher performance and higher uptime. The 8320 switch series is based on the new ArubaOS-CX, a modern software system for the enterprise core that automates and simplifies many critical and complex network tasks, delivers enhanced fault tolerance and facilitates zeroservice disruption during planned or unplanned controlplane events. The key innovations in ArubaOS-CX are its micro-services style modular architecture, REST APIs, Python scripting capabilities, Aruba Network Analytics Engine and Aruba Virtual Switching Extension (VSX). ArubaOS-CX is based on a modular architecture that allows individual process re-startability and upgrades. Its REST APIs and Python scripting enables fine-grained programmability of the switch functions and its unique Aruba Network Analytics Engine provides the ability to monitor and troubleshoot the network easily. Aruba’s new virtualization technology, Aruba VSX, takes advantage of the ArubaOS-CX modern architecture, and delivers best in class high availability required by campus core and aggregation solutions. The Network Analytics Engine framework is made up of a time series database and associated REST APIs. The time series database may be used to store configuration and operational state. Customers can use ArubaOS-CX REST APIs, Python scripting capabilities and time series data to write software modules for trouble shooting problems. The time series data may also be used to analyze trends, identify anomalies and predict future capacity requirements.

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Security TAA Compliance, Access control list (ACL), Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS), Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System (TACACS+), Management access security, Secure shell (SSHv2)
Manageable Yes
Layer 2 switching VLAN, Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) tunneling, Port mirroring, STP, Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), Rapid Per-VLAN spanning tree plus (RPVST+)
Layer 3 Switching Static IP routing, Open shortest path first (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4),  IP performance optimization, Static IPv6 routing, OSPFv3 for IPv6, Dual IP stack, Equal-Cost Multipath (ECMP)
Number of Port 48x 1/10G (SFP or SFP+) + 6x 40G (QSFP+)
Stackable No
Redundant Power Supply Yes, redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans
Rackmount Yes
Warranty 5-year Warranty from Aruba Indonesia

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