The WDWi is a revolutionized wireless platform. A complete system of sensors, gateway manager, and range extenders monitors your facility for changes in temperature, humidity, and dew point and allows you to fine tune your environment to meet energy efficiency goals, maintain optimal equipment performance parameters and ensure your facility is operating under optimal conditions. The WDWi receives data from wireless sensors which is displayed on a web interface, accessible from any browser or mobile device. Designed to keep the most relevant information close at hand, the web interface provides direct alarm notification which allows users to quickly and effectively locate areas of concern. The WDWi will also send email alarm notifications and provides trending information to help pinpoint potential trouble spots in any monitored areas. An open protocol approach streamlines communications and allows the WDWi to easily integrate into larger BMS and NMS systems via SNMP, Modbus, or BACnet. There are no licensing fees and as our firmware evolves you can update your WDWi to ensure your unit always has the newest features. WDWi temperature and temperature/humidity sensors are compact and unobtrusive, yet provide an industry leading battery life - sensor batteries will last up to 12 years at room temperatures. WDWi sensors maintain this extended battery life while communicating readings to the WDWi every 10-20 seconds. The WDWi system has an unprecedented transmission range: up to 600 feet indoor, direct line of sight. While this range is more than ample for most situations, sometimes applications require signals to be pushed through more complex physical or noisy RF environments. The Wireless Range Extender (WRE) can be implemented in these situations to add up to 1,000 feet direct line of sight transmission distance per range extender to the application.

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Sensor Specification Support 250 sensors on a single manager, up to 400 sensors with range extenders
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from ITWatchDogs Indonesia

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