Your business demands high performance and high efficiency from your network. Cloud, mobile and video applications drive unprecedented levels of bandwidth demand that can damage the performance of mission critical applications. Symantec PacketShaper helps enterprises to control bandwidth cost, deliver a superior user experience and align network resources with business priorities. It is a cloud-connected WAN and internet appliance that provides visibility into applications and web content on your network, along with powerful applicationlevel policy management. A core element of Symantec Network Performance Optimization solutions, PacketShaper is integrated with the Symantec Global Intelligence Network to provide real-time traffic discovery and classification of hundreds of applications and tens of millions of websites. Your network and applications need to run at the speed of your business. But before you can optimize application performance, you need an accurate picture of your network traffic. The PacketShaper delivers full visibility by automatically classifying network traffic by application and content category. Integration with Microsoft Active Directory provides group- and user-based traffic views to help you understand who consumes the most bandwidth on the network. This unmatched visibility into network traffic gives you deep insights that can guide your policies and control of network traffic. In addition, PacketShaper offers application-intelligent Layer 7+ visibility that integrates with the Symantec Global Intelligence Network to provide real-time content categorization. In addition to reporting on network and application utilization and performance, the PacketShaper validates common protocols and tracks what happens to each connection established by any application. PacketShaper does more than just identification and classification; it provides powerful QoS tools to protect preferred applications and web content categories while containing the impact of undesirable traffic. To maintain high network efficiency and high performance for business-critical applications traffic must be segmented and prioritized. Control should be built on visibility, so that network administrators can partition traffic and prioritize it by its relevant values to your business. Network administrators may want to restrict recreational video or BYOD downloads to a small but reasonable portion of network bandwidth so it neither impacts important business applications nor incurs the wrath of sports

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Bandwidth Management
Bandwidth Shaping Up to 2Gbps
Proxy Server
Network Interface 2x 1GbE Copper, Bypass + 1x 1GbE Copper Management Port + Network I/O Modules (4x 10/100/1000Base-T or 4x 1000Base-F or 2x 10GBase-T or 2x 10GBase-F)
Redundant Power Supply Yes
Warranty 1 year warranty from Symantec Indonesia

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