The Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point Sensor (THD) provides real-time measurements to the host device for data logging and alarming.  The sensor comes equipped with two 6P6C modular jacks (aka RJ12), one for output to the host device and one supplementary input for daisy-chaining an additional digital sensor.  A 6P6C modular patch cable for connection from sensor to host device is included.  You may mount the sensor nearly anywhere using screws or adhesive. The THD is especially useful for watching out for rapid temperature drops and/or high humidity that can cause condensation to form on electronic equipment, resulting in hardware corrosion and component failure.  Electrostatic discharge is likely to occur at low relative humidity levels, which can severely damage sensitive IT equipment.  Based on ASHRAE’s recommended humidity range for IT equipment, we suggest setting relative humidity alarm thresholds for when the value exceeds 55% or falls below 40%, however each facility is unique and may require varied ranges. 

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Sensor Specification Measure Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from ITWatchDogs Indonesia

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