NVC IPTV Video Encoder - HD4008 is a video capturing, encoding and streaming solution for OTT and IPTV industries. It not only broadcasts live TV programs and HD video to massive audience over LAN and WLAN, but also provides the bit rate configuration, resolution configuration, and various encoding options to optimize the viewing quality for different commercial applications. NVC IPTV Video Encoder - HD4004 can reach rich audience on computers and most 3G mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. With high video quality, high extendibility, and high endurability under long-term video broadcasting, NVC IPTV Video Encoder - HD4008 helps OTT and IPTV companies to reduce the managerial cost and get one step ahead for the blooming TV and video business opportunities.

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Input 8x HDMI
Output IP (unicast or multicast)
Max Resolution Full HD - 1080p
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from NVC Indonesia

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