CloudBridge can bond multiple WAN links together to create a single, secure, logical link in order to expand WAN capacity. This logical bonding ensures reliability of high-priority application traffic and includes automatic rerouting of application traffic on a per-packet basis, which ensures continued application performance regardless of fluctuations in network conditions and bandwidth demand. CloudBridge allows enterprises to bond MPLS with lower-cost Internet access options including low-cost flexible broadband connections. Support up to four times more users of virtual apps and desktops by and optimizing ICA and storing streamed application packages on appliances in branch offices. CloudBridge also accelerates Microsoft applications such as file sharing, Exchange and SharePoint as well as any TCP-based application, including file transfers, email, SSL, ERP, CRM, CAD, data backup and storage replication.

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WAN Optimization
Optimized WAN Capacity 10 Mbps
QoS Bandwidth 200 Mbps
Onboard Bypass Ports 4 x 1000BaseTX
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from Citrix Indonesia

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