Exinda’s suite of WAN Optimization and Network Control products provides midmarket enterprises and education institutions the ability to effortlessly meet network application SLAs. Unlike conventional optimization products which tend to be rigidly focused on compression and acceleration and packaged for higher vendor margins instead of higher performance, Exinda stands out as the right choice for midsized companies. Featuring a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and virtual products, Exinda delivers the best price to performance rating at every appliance size, and a simple install process that will deliver performance improvements in minutes. We invite you to compare our products and find the right Exinda appliance for your business.

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We are the bigest online IT Equipment distributor in Asia. Headquarter in Jakarta - Indonesia, we are providing our customer with worldwide shipping coverage. So, wherever your location is, we are ready to support your needs with the best price.
WAN Optimization
Optimized WAN Capacity 6 Mbps, 600 connections
QoS Bandwidth 10 Mbps, 32K flows
QoS Rules 256
Onboard Bypass Ports 2 bypass bridge pairs GigE
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from Exinda Indonesia

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