The Cisco Email Security Virtual Appliance significantly lowers the cost of deploying email security, especially in highly distributed networks. This appliance lets your network manager create instances where and when they are needed, using your existing network infrastructure. A software version of the physical appliance, it runs on top of a VMware ESXi hypervisor and Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) servers. You receive an unlimited license for the virtual appliance with the purchase of any Cisco Email Security software bundle. With the virtual appliance, you can respond instantly to increasing traffic growth with simplified capacity planning. You don’t need to buy and ship appliances, so you can support new business opportunities without adding complexity to a data center or having to hire additional staff.

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Anti Spam
Active Email User Medium-sized enterprise - based on license
Message Log Storage 1.2 TB (600 * 2)
Quarantine Storage 1.2 TB (600 * 2)
Network Interface 4 Gigabit NICs, RJ-45
Redundant Power Supply Yes
Outbound Email Filtering Yes
Email Encryption Yes
Warranty 1 year warranty from Cisco Indonesia

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