Tripod turnstile are most popular turnstile and widely used for access control in stadiums, factories, banks, dormitories or in public transit sites where access is controlled and one person entry is preferred. This turnstile model can be integrated with all types of card readers, ticketing machines and outdoor sheltered installation.

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Dimension 1100(L)x260(W)x1000(H) mm
Features The tripod is usually at lock during normal operation. Upon valid signal the tripod arm is unlock. The arm will lock back after each complete arm rotation or time out preset by the controller. Additional feature on selected model are tripod arm will unlock and drop in the event of power failure to allowing access for users.
Material SS304 stainless steel – stainless steel cross bars.
Housing Top opening cover and side door on the turnstile housing. All electrical component are serviceable from the top cover. An optional IP65 housing can be installed in a semi sheltered environment.
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from Keylok Indonesia

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