Teams need to quickly communicate to move work forward. An interruption in communication can greatly impact team productivity. Built for high availability, Hipchat Data Center's active-active clustering model gives your team enterprise chat they can rely on - even in the event of a hardware failure. Enterprise messaging for your entire organization. Eliminate silos and ensure strong cross-functional communication - further accelerating your team's work. Run a small-scale deployment with reduced system requirements or deploy our enterprise-scale deployment to support a larger team or prepare for growth. Control and customize your communications to meet your organization's needs. Use your own data management processes with Hipchat Data Center's externalized data stores.Deploy Hipchat Data Center using a small-scale or enterprise-scale deployment to best meet your needs. Smaller customers can use the small-scale deployment to reduce their requirements down to three machines! You can deploy Hipchat Data Center in VMware or on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Deploy on AWS in minutes and minimize infrastructure configurations and costs. Automatically scale to meet growing demand with elastic capabilities.

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