Jira Core instances have boards that give teams an immediate snapshot of their project. Quickly review project progress and see the status of individual tasks. Boards match the steps of a team's workflow and adapt to how each team works. Use out-of-the-box business project templates to manage simple tasks and complex workflows alike. Customize the templates to match how your team works. Now every step is accounted for, and your team can really move. See what's happening with any project. The details of every task, plus comments, attachments, and due dates are stored in one place. Use @mentions to get the attention of specific team members and stay informed with handy, detailed notifications. You'll know right away when something is assigned to you, and when your feedback is required. Use the search tool to find specific answers: a due date, when a task was last updated, or what a team member still needs to finish. With project information in one place, there's no more digging around - it's right there. Reveal "all the things" with reports and dashboards to help you understand how your team is doing. Configure them and showcase the metrics that matter most. Don't miss out because you're on the move. Stay connected and collaborate with your team from anywhere with notifications, comments, and project activity. Download Jira for iPhone or Jira for Android.

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