Mid-to-large enterprises continually face the hurdle of managing IT with less staff while attempting to boost end-user productivity and demonstrating a return on investment. How can world-leading LANDesk Management Suite benefit your organization? Manage the User and All Their Platforms and Devices through the Only Integrated Console You’ll Ever Need Use patented technology to: discover and inventory any and all devices into a single place; monitor software and hardware usage; automate and optimize complex IT processes faster than anyone else; accelerate IT and much more. See systems management differently by focusing on the user. Click on the user and see and manage all of their devices. Deliver most holistic Mac and Unix/Linux management through an integrated, single console experience. Agnostic application virtualization provides agnostic support of application virtualization packaging—regardless of vendor—as long as they support standard packaging.

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We are the bigest online IT Equipment distributor in Asia. Headquarter in Jakarta - Indonesia, we are providing our customer with worldwide shipping coverage. So, wherever your location is, we are ready to support your needs with the best price.
Warranty Support 1 year warranty from LANdesk Indonesia

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