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The Poly Studio R30 USB video bar offers a dynamic camera experience that ensures everyone is seen clearly — making meetings easier and more inclusive than ever, with Poly DirectorAI technology.

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The Poly Studio R30 is designed for anyone who needs to be on video calls at home, or at an office or huddle room with others. And you won't pay thousands for it like other video systems, because it's affordable. More on that coming up. In terms of resolution, the Poly Studio R30 delivers full 4K. And because of that, it's doubtful that you'll be getting any complaints about quality from anyone you're on a meeting with. You also get a full 120 degree field of view so you can get yourself, and your colleagues in the same frame. That's very helpful especially in those instances where you're doing a group presentation, or your boss is talking to the team. The 5x zoom keeps the image sharp too, even when at the tightest shot. Nice to know that when zoomed in, you won't look grainy and out of focus to those looking at you.


Another standard technology feature on the Poly Studio R30 is the Director Ai. This is like having a personal Director watching over your video and making any needed adjustments. It zooms in when needed, it widens when needed, or it voice-tracks and then frames the speaker, all automatically. The Poly Studio R30 utilizes a microphone array that not only allows you to be heard loud and clear, but it also helps to eliminate unwanted background noise through Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock AI. This means that your callers are going to hear you, and not all the noise going on around you thanks to some great audio technology. And to help make your calls even better, the Poly Studio R30 has echo cancellation, and background noise suppression. The microphone array is designed to pick up your voice up to 12 feet.


Regarding the microphone details, the Poly Studio R30 comes with an 8 microphone array that's noise canceling. And Poly didn't spare the expense on the tech that went into this. They include noise block Ai, as well as Acoustic Fence technologies that work in concert to deliver great voice audio quality, as well as background noise reduction. Poly added to that echo cancelation, and noise surpression which helps to guarantee you'll sound great on your calls. that's a lot audio tech packed into this device. The Poly Studio R30 has two convenient USB ports that give you the option to plug in a computer if you want to take your call private, or maybe just charge up your mobile phone. However you use it, it's convenient and a nice touch. You can connect via Bluetooth, or via USB. When connecting via USB, all you need to do is plug it into an AC power outlet, and into your comuter USB port. That's it. Pretty simple wouldn't you say?

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