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The Dell VEP1425 is designed in a fixed desktop form factor, with optional rack mount kit, using Intel Atom C-3000 x86-based processor which is optimized for value, lower power consumption and multiple core options. Dell VEP1425 complements the higher performing modular VEP4600.

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Dell VEP1425 SD-WAN Edges are available as easy to install appliances for remote branches with a range of throughput, ports for WAN and local-area network (LAN) connectivity and integrated wireless LAN. Dynamic routing enables policy-based overlay insertion for both in-line and out-of-path deployments. High availability deployments are also supported. Dell VEP1425 SD-WAN Edge devices are available as physical appliances, and as virtual network function (VNF) software for deployment on standard x86 servers, including virtual customer premises equipment (CPE) devices. Dell VEP1425 SD-WAN Edges are currently available as a virtual appliance on the popular cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure Cloud.


Dell VEP1425 SD-WAN is a transport independent overlay that can work across any combination of circuits. It can dynamically optimize traffic over multiple links. It enables connectivity to both enterprise data centers, software as a service (SaaS) applications, and the cloud. Dell VEP1425 SD-WAN can be used to connect to the Internet for direct access to applications in the cloud without backhaul to the data center. Often organizations are paying for dual links, but the second link is just used for backup. Organizations can’t take advantage of dual links in an active/active mode because they don’t have a way to manage traffic over both links. Managing dual links is possible with Dell VEP1425 SD-WAN. Dell VEP1425 SD-WAN can aggregate bandwidth over both links to get more throughput and reliability for remote locations.


Dell VEP1425 SD-WAN provides continuous link monitoring. As it detects congestion, it moves traffic to the best link. Dell VEP1425 performs traffic steering packet by packet over both links at the same time, so there isn’t a wait for a total failure for the switch over to happen or a wait for routes to reconverge, which is what happens with a legacy router. If both links are experiencing congestion, the system will send duplicate packets in real time over both links to ensure that they get through. This means that Dell VEP1425 SD-WAN can deliver a quality user experience over sub-optimal link conditions, such as when directly connecting to the Internet for access to the cloud.

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