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Zyxel NWA50AX Access Point is the true WiFi 6 access point that comes with the right-fit feature set for small businesses and SoHo users looking to upgrade to 11ax (WiFi 6) without an expensive price tag.

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Zyxel NWA50AX can be easily installed and configured by everyone in small hotels, coffee shops, home offices, or boutique/retail stores. Zyxel NWA50AX supports both device’s local web interface and Nebula Cloud networking management, the simple setup allows you to quickly configure the AP with only a few clicks, making it super easy to set up guest and employee network on your own and start enjoying the ultra-fast WiFi 6 speeds in no time. The average user is more likely to favor using the easiest method to get their network set up quickly than dealing with complex configurations, resulting in insecure encryption with compromised security - but thats is not going to happen with Zyxel NWA50AX. Zyxel NWA50AX is supporting the latest WPA3 Personal standard, Zyxel NWA50AX also designed to bring stronger encryption to protect your wireless network without complicated configurations.


Supporting both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies, Zyxel NWA50AX is aimed to empower you to enjoy all the best things WiFi 6 has to offer such as faster speeds even when congested or in high-density environments, expanded range in your wireless network, increased capacity for IoT deployments, and a lot more. Zyxel NWA50AX with NebulaFlex offers the flexible manageability for you to freely choose between the local GUI management or onboarding to our super easy Nebula cloud management interface that you never need to worry about forgetting the IP address or lost account and password whatsoever.


WiFi 6 on Zyxel NWA50AX made tremendous improvement by introducing new technologies, such as orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ODFMA), and spatial re-use, which is also referred to as Basic Service Set (BSS) coloring. It aims to simultaneously satisfy all requirements from rapidly growing mobile users. Zyxel NWA50AX is a true WiFi 6 access point which supports essential 11ax functions that delivers faster performance and increased capacity, making the user experience even better. Apart from running at 25% faster speed, Zyxel NWA50AX can also maximize WiFi efficiency by allowing simultaneous data transmission for multiple clients; thus, the air time contention is no longer an issue here.

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