Jual Hillstone SG-6000-A200

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The Hillstone SG-6000-A200 NGFW includes a full arsenal of mechanisms to provide real-time detection and protection across the full lifecycle of network attacks and malwares. Before a breach can even occur, proactive protections like IPS block the vulnerabilities exploitation.

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IP reputation services on Hillstone SG-6000-A200 block requests from risky sites potentially involved in malware and spamming. URL filtering on Hillstone SG-6000-A200 also prevents users from inadvertently accessing sites associated with phishing, malware downloads and other exploits. Anti-virus detects and blocks known malwares at the network level with an advanced signature database that is continuously updated. Hillstone SG-6000-A200 anti-spam provides real-time spam classification and prevention for both inbound and outbound traffic. During a breach, anti-virus plays an important role as well by continuing to detect and block known malwares. A cloud sandbox that available on Hillstone SG-6000-A200 provides sophisticated detection and prevention of malicious files through static analysis and pre-processing, followed by behavioral analysis that includes detection of evasive maneuvers. Cloud intelligence then identifies and blocks malicious files, generates logs and reports, and shares threat intelligence back to the cloud.


The future-ready Hillstone SG-6000-A200 features compact form factor and a powerful computing foundation that ensures high performance with uncompromising security. A-Series NGFWs offer robust performance for firewall throughput, concurrent and new sessions, and blazing fast performance for application layer, which is critical in meeting the needs of current security environments. Hillstone SG-6000-A200 also offers a friendly software ecology for third-party integration to support additional security features if desired. All rackmount Hillstone SG-6000-A200 models feature front and rear ventilation to assist in heat dissipation, which is a concern in networks of almost any size.


Hillstone SG-6000-A200 offers high I/O port density, allowing the NGFW to act as a switch or router as needed, lowering deployment and management costs. In addition, expansion slots are available for a number of A-Series models to further increase performance. Bypass pairs on Hillstone SG-6000-A200 models help ensure business continuity. Hillstone SG-6000-A200, including the desktop versions, include a large onboard storage and have expansion options for very-large hard disk storage up to 2 TB. With more storage the system can save more logs and data for longer time, enabling deeper analysis. In addition, the expanded storage allows the system to provide richer reports with far more information, including visualized results and actionable recommendations. Further, with deeper threat analysis the WebUI can display much richer threat detection information, which in turn gives admins better visibility. The increased visibility on Hillstone SG-6000-A200 lets admins quickly zero in on anomalies and other suspicious network events or traffic, analyze them and respond.

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