Jual HPE MSA 2062

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Looking for seriously simple and affordable flash storage? The HPE MSA 2062 Storage is a flash-enabled system designed for affordable application acceleration for small and remote office deployments. Don’t let the low cost fool you. The MSA 2062 gives you the combination of simplicity, flexibility and advanced features you many not expect in an entry-priced storage array.

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HPE MSA 2062 is starting with 3.84 TB of embedded flash capacity, you can scale the system from there with any combination of solid state disks (SSD), high-performance Enterprise SAS HDDs, or lower-cost Midline SAS HDDs. HPE MSA 2062 is capable of delivering up to 395,000 IOPS, HPE MSA 2062 also provides great value with an all-inclusive software suite and 3.84TB of flash capacity included. It’s seriously simple and affordable flash storage to help you achieve high performance yet meet challenging budgets. HPE MSA 2062 LFF and SFF array models supporting 10GBase-T host connectivity. Each controller includes four (4) integrated RJ45 Ethernet (copper) ports for connection to switch or server using CAT6/7 cabling – no SFPs required. Results in infrastructure savings of 50% or more when deploying iSCSI storage configurations.


HPE MSA 2062 features several important additional RAID levels. MSA-DP+ offers improved performance, availability, and very fast rebuild times compared to traditional parity RAID by utilizing erasure coding technology on HPE MSA 2062. MSA-DP+ includes distributed spare capacity (default is equal to 2x the largest drive), and does not use traditional spare drives. RAID 6 allocates two sets of parity data across drives and allows simultaneous write operations on HPE MSA 2062. It can withstand two simultaneous drive failures without downtime or data loss. RAID 10 is mirroring and striping without parity and allows large Disk Groups to be created with high performance and mirroring for fault tolerance. RAID 5 combines the block striping and parity. Because data and parity are striped across all of the disks, no single disk is a bottleneck. Striping also allows users to reconstruct data in case of a disk failure. RAID 0 (Striping) is supported for Read Cache only.


MSA Health Check is a cloud-based tool that provides users insight into the general health of their HPE MSA 2062 array. The tool uses a powerful rules-based analytics engine which can predict failures before they happen. The MSA Health Check tool performs a full sweep of analytics and checking thousands of data points from sensors inside the HPE MSA 2062 array. The analytics engine will pick up common failure signatures and check against HPE MSA 2062 best practices producing a simple, easy to digest PDF report with status and suggested courses of action to correct anything found in the scan. The tool is free of charge to HPE MSA customers. The MSA Health Check tool is supported across all current MSA 1060/2060/2062 arrays as well as the prior three generations of arrays (MSA P2000 G3, MSA 1040/2040/2042 and MSA 1050/2050/2052).

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