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With one of the lowest entry price points in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage portfolio and field-proven HPE ProLiant compatibility, the HPE MSA 1060 Storage is the platform of choice for smaller IT workloads. The HPE MSA 1060 Storage features 10GBASE-T iSCSI, Fibre Channel and SAS host interface connectivity at previously unattainable entry price points.

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HPE MSA 1060 features several important additional RAID levels. MSA-DP+ on HPE MSA 1060 offers improved performance, availability, and very fast rebuild times compared to traditional parity RAID by utilizing erasure coding technology. MSA-DP+ includes distributed spare capacity (default is equal to 2x the largest drive), and does not use traditional spare drives. RAID 6 allocates two sets of parity data across drives and allows simultaneous write operations. RAID 6 can also withstand two simultaneous drive failures without downtime or data loss. RAID 10 is mirroring and striping without parity and allows large Disk Groups to be created with high performance and mirroring for fault tolerance. RAID 5 combines the block striping and parity. Because data and parity are striped across all of the disks, no single disk is a bottleneck. Striping also allows users to reconstruct data in case of a disk failure on HPE MSA 1060. RAID 0 (Striping) is supported for Read Cache only.


A beneficial user interface element called "I/O Workload" is included in the HPE MSA 1060 web browser (SMU v4). HPE MSA 1060 array controllers keep track of a substantial amount of data pertaining to the I/O dynamics at a logical page level (4MB chunks). From this data, it is possible to provide some visibility to what percent of I/O’s are being processed by what percent of the overall array’s capacity across a 7 day timeline. While some workloads have "transient" data access patterns, many workloads have steady access patterns on small portions of the array’s capacity. This produces "hot" pages in the array which remain hot a large amount of the array’s uptime. Users would see substantial benefits if these pages could be served from the fastest media in the array (ideally SSDs). As has been described in the HPE MSA 1060’s tiering functionality, the MSA array’s tiering engine will work to position the hottest pages on the fastest media at any given time.


HPE MSA 1060 Storage users can leverage Zerto Virtual Replication to replicate applications and data from one MSA array to another MSA array. Popular use cases include departmental MSA storage replicated to enterprise storage, enterprise storage replicated into HPE MSA 1060 array, or protect HPE MSA 1060 workloads into the cloud. Zerto operates on the hypervisor level and includes orchestration and automation built-in to enable faster recovery of workloads (RTO in minutes) at much lower Recovery Point Objective (RPO of seconds) available through other data protection tools like backup. Zerto is also a workload mobility tool and allow IT to confidently move workloads and data across heterogeneous storage or cloud.

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